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About Jane

My Mission


My life mission is to help clients to cultivate and embrace a loving acceptance of their sexuality so they can experience and create life-affirming, intimate connection within themselves and with others. Cultural taboos inhibit even healthy sexual conversations and I help clients learn to talk comfortably about sex, explore their sexual interests, and to develop their own internal compass by which to assess what works for them sexually.

As a coach, educator, author and speaker, I help individuals to recognize that their sexuality--however it expresses itself--is normal, healthy and potentially a source of great joy and connectivity. I advocate a sex-positive vision that invites all individuals to treasure their bodies, and delight in the gifts of intimacy, pleasure and passion.

The need for connection is a fundamental human drive and nurtures our vitality, a sense of belonging, of loving and being loved, of being valued. Healthy sexual expression—with ourselves or with others—is our birthright, and satisfies our deep need for connection.

On a personal level, I have reclaimed my own positive and empowered sexuality after working hard to overcome the effects of childhood sex abuse. In the latter part of my healing process, I had a pivotal experience in which I realized that for the first time in my adult life, I could inhabit my body while being sexual, and fully relax into allowing pleasure. In turn, I experienced a profound sense of intimacy with my husband. That experience moved me deeply and taught me what a gift our sexuality truly is--and how comfort with our sexuality can deepen intimacy. Shortly thereafter, I began my training and am committed to helping others find their way to full self-acceptance and to the enjoyment of pleasure, passion and ultimately, intimacy.


I am a Clinical Sexologist, Intimacy/Certified Sex Coach, Writer, Speaker, and Blogger, and I have counseled and coached people for over 20 years. I have a Certificate in Sex Coaching through Sex Coach U, and am an assistant with the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) where I facilitate small groups and help participants problem-solve through active listening. HAI offers nine separate workshops on Love, Intimacy and Sexuality, as well as couples workshops, and I have participated in HAI since 2007.

I also served on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood of Southwest Oregon 2014-2017.


Empowered Sexuality

Body Positivity

Connection & Intimacy


Sexuality & Aging

Alternative/Poly Relationships

Improve your sex life

Working with Jane will improve your sex life. She is compassionate, an astute listener and exceptionally knowledgeable about sexuality and intimacy. Addressing sexual issues isn’t always comfortable but Jane’s welcoming personality has a way of completely normalizing sex and opening conversation.

Kim Marks, Owner, As You Like It; The Pleasure Shop

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